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060-001. Russian I. 4 crs. A classroom, laboratory approach to the basic spoken as well as written elements of the language. No prerequisite, but no credit is given for this course unless 060-002 is also completed.

060-002. Russian II. 4 crs. Intensified continuation of 060-001, with more emphasis an reading. Prereq.: 060-001 or its equivalent.

060-003. Russian III. 3 crs. Advanced, audio-lingual study of the Russian language, in which literary readers are studied. Prereq.: 060-002 or its equivalent.

060-004. Russian IV. 3 crs. Advanced course in which students read the most recent Russian prose, with emphasis on the development of written and oral skills. Prereq.: 060-003 or its equivalent.

060-005. Intensive Russian I. 7 crs. First part of a concentrated two-semester course that allows the student to complete the language requirement in one year.

060-006. Intensive Russian II. 7 crs. Continuation of 060- Prereq.: 060-005.

060-010. Business Russian. 3 crs. Advanced course that familiarizes the student with the basic concepts and terminology used in commercial transactions in Russian. Prereq.: One year of Russian.

060-014. Introduction to Humanities I is the fist part of a two semester core course for freshmen designed to enhance their understanding of great and enduring themes of humanistic inquiry. Students read literary and philosophical works of major historical significance and value from a contemporary viewpoint. Students explore themes such as cultural collision and resolution, concentrating on various aspects of the epic tradition.

060-015. Introduction to Humanities II is the second part of a two-semester core course for freshmen. In this course students study the relationship of the self to the other, with all its attendant considerations, and concentrate on generic distinctions between comedy and tragedy in drama, autobiography, and fiction. Prerequisite is Humanities I.

060-084, 085. Directed Readings for Sophomores. 1 cr. ea. Honors course.

060-088, 089. Directed Readings for Juniors. I cr. ea. Honors course.

060-092, 093. Senior Departmental Honors. 3 crs. ea. Honors course.

060-100. Great Short Stories. 3 crs. Involves the reading of Russian short stories. Open to all students and no knowledge of Russian is required. Divisional Studies A.

060-101. Literature of Revolution. 3 crs. Presents major works of Russian literature in English translation. Open to all students, and no knowledge of Russian is required. Divisional Studies A.

060-103. Love and Hate. 3 crs. -Survey in English of the Russian classics such as Anna Karenina. No knowledge of Russian is required. Divisional Studies A.

060-109. Slavic Mythology. 3 crs. Presents Slavic myths from ancient through historical times.

060-111. Classic Films In English. 3 crs. Acquaints students with 14 classic German and Soviet movies, the historical eras they depict, and their importance in the history of film. Films will be discussed. Divisional Studies A. Open to all students. No knowledge of German or Russian required.

060-117. Russian Science Fiction In Translation. 3 crs Study of the major trends of science fiction in the works of modem Russian authors. No knowledge of Russian is required.

060-125. Russian Composition. 3 crs. Designed to prove the student 's Russian reading and writing skills. Pr req.: 060-004.

060-126. Russian Conversation. 3 crs. Stresses the development of oral communication skills.

060-127. Advanced Russian Composition and Conversation. 3 crs. Continuation of 060-125 and 060-125 for majors and minors in Russian.

060-140. Old Russian and Eighteenth-Century Literature 3 crs. Survey of the history of the Russian language and the first major literary efforts through the 18th century

060-141. Russian Romanticism: Pushkin to Gumilev. crs. Study of 19th-century Russian authors whose work mark a departure from the formalism of French classicism t the free-spirited emotionalism of German and English romanticism.

060-145. Russian Culture. 3 crs. Examines the development of Russian political and social institutions and intellectual currents. Divisional Studies B.

060-146. politics of Culture. 3 crs. Analyzes the former Soviet Union and its political, social, and intellectual institutions. Divisional Studies B.

060-150. The Three Rs: Revolution, Rebellion, Resignation. 3 crs. Survey of Russian and Soviet works that reflect the political aspirations and disillusionment of the Russian people. Divisional Studies B.

060-170 through 032-173. Seminars. 3 crs. ea. Special literary and cultural topics are selected for in-depth discussion each seminar.

060-174. Dissident Voices in Russian Art and Literature. 3 crs. Studies the works of writers and artists banned by the Soviet government.

060-188. History of the Russian Language. 3 crs. Readings and discussion of development and structure of the Russian language in context with other Slavic languages.

060-189. Literature of the Seventeenth Century. 3 crs. Readings in Russian in the beginnings of modern Russian literature; theories of poetics and poetic language; development of genres (satire, tragedy, odes); and beginning of investigative journalism in Russian literature.

060-190. Literature of the Nineteenth Century. 3 crs. Readings in Russian and discussion of the classics of Russian literature, including Pushkin, Gogol, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy.

060-191. Old Church Slavonic. 3 crs. Study and analysis of ancient Slavic texts.

060-192. Russian Realism. 3 crs. Examines Russian literature, including Gogol, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Chekhov.

060-193. Soviet Poetry. 3 crs. Consists of reading and discussion of poetry written since the Russian Revolution.

060-198. Structure of Russian 3 crs. Synchronic linguistic -analysis of the Russian language.

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