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061-001. Elementary Brazilian Portuguese. 4 crs. This classroom laboratory course provides an introduction to the basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), with emphasis on the communicative approach.

061-002 Elementary Brazilian Portuguese. 4 crs. Continued development of the basic language skills in Portuguese through integration of classroom drills and language laboratory exercises. Prereq.: 061 -001 or the equivalent.

061-003. Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese. 3 crs. Continuation of the development of communicative skills with reading and oral discussion. Also includes an introduction to Luso-Brazilian culture and introduces selections by Afro-Brazilian writers.

061-004. Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese. 3 crs. Continued reading of selections by Afro-Brazilian writers, with intensive readings on topics of Luso-Brazilian culture and expansion of vocabulary useful for conservation and composition.


College of Arts and Sciences Department of World Languages and Cultures