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059-001. German 1. 4 crs. Designed to teach students to communicate in German by focusing on useful vocabulary and everyday situations. Students will acquire skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing German while gaining insight into the culture of German-speaking countries. No prerequisite.

059-002. German [1. 4 crs. Reinforces the range of skills practiced in German 001 , while focusing on expanding the student's vocabulary and fluency. The emphasis is on active participation as a me ans of expanding speaking, listening. reading and writing skills introduced in German 001. Students are prepared to handle real situations in foreign culture. Prereq.: German 001 or equivalent.

059-003. German 1. 3 crs. Advances study of the German language with an audiovisual approach. Literary readers are studied. Prereq.: 059-002 or equivalent.

059-004. German 11. 3 crs. Advanced course in which the student reads the most recent German prose. Corn position and speaking are emphasized. Prereq.: 059-003 or equivalent.

059-005. German for Music Students. 3 crs. Emphasis on pronunciation of German. Intensive study of German "Lieder" texts and the 1 9th-century tradition from which they come.

059-006. Intensive German I 7 crs. Intensive video format approach to learning German based on the Dartmouth Intensive Language Model. No prerequisite.

059-007. Intensive German 11. 7 crs. Continuation of 059- Prerequisite: 059-006.

059-010. Scientific German. 3 crs. Reading course for science majors and for those pursuing the professional courses in medicine and dentistry. Prereq.: 059-003 or equivalent.

059-011. Business German. 3 crs. Focuses on the German market economy. the structure of German corporations, banking system, in addition to promoting the mastery of German business terminology.

059-014. Introduction to Humanities I is the first part of a two-semester core course for freshmen designed to enhance their understanding of great and enduring themes of humanistic inquiry. Students read literary and philosophical works of major historical significance and value from a contemporary viewpoint. Students explore themes such as cultural collision and resolution, concentrating on various aspects of the epic tradition.

059-015. Introduction to Humanities If is the second part of a two-semester core course for freshmen In this course students study the relationship of the self to the other, with all its attendant considerations, and concentrate on generic distinctions between comedy and tragedy in drama, autobiography, and fiction. Prerequisite is Humanities 1. 059-084, 085. Directed Readings for Sophomores. 1 cr. each.

059-088, 089. Directed Readings for Juniors. 1 cr. each.

059-092, 693. Senior Departmental Honors. 3 crs. each.

059-100. Individual and Society. 3 crs. Centers around the success or failure of the individual coming to terms with society, as presented by selected German writers. Divisional Studies A. Open to all students. No knowledge of German required.

059-101. Literature of Love. 3 crs. Explores the concept of "love" in the Western world. It begins with a representative work from the Age of Courtly Love and ends with a contemporary work about a child who is denied love, The Bluest Eye. Divisional Studies A. Open to all students. No knowledge of German required.

059-107. Women in Literature. 3 crs. An introduction to the role of women in the humanities. Investigates women as writers and their contributions to the disciplines of philosophy. German, Russian, classics, English and the Romance languages. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the course. it will be team-taught by faculty from the depart- in the Humanities Division. (See also 005-107; 008- 062-107; and 038-108)

059-109. Northern Myths and Legends. 3 crs. A survey of the great myths, epics and romances in Icelandic, Welsh German. French and English medieval literature. Divisional Studies A. Open to all students. No knowledge of German required.

059-111. Classic Films in English. 3 crs. Acquaints students with 14 classic German and Soviet films. the historical eras they depict, and their importance to the history of film making. Divisional Studies A. Open to all students. No knowledge of German required.

059-112. Scandinavian Films and Dramas. 3 crs. A multimedia course surveying the dramas of Ibsen and Strindberg and the films of Ingmar Bergman. No prerequisites. Open to all students.

059-114. The Film and the Novel. 3 crs. Discussion of a select number of novels (or novellas) in comparison with their film versions, emphasizing the virtues and !he limitations of each art form. No prerequisites. Open to all students.

059-115. Marxism and Literature. 3 crs. An introduction to Marxist interpretations of literature. and the arts in general from Marx and Engels to the present. No prerequisites. Open to all students.

059-116. Freud, Jung and Literature, 3 crs. Explores the trends in 20th-century criticism to interpret literature from a psycho analytical point of view. No prerequisites. Open to all students.

059-117. Folklore and Fairytale. 3 crs. An exploration of the rich German tradition of folklore and fairytales. No prerequisites. Open to all students.

059-118. The Holocaust in Film and Literature. 3 crs. A study of the attempts of writers and film makers to reflect on the horrors of the Nazi holocaust. No prerequisites. Open to all students.

059-119. The Third Reich Through Films. 3 crs. Explores a wide variety of classical films about the Third Reich. The films selected will offer different points of focus. No prerequisites. Open to all students.

059-120. Exile Literature. 3 crs. Analyzes the works of German authors in exile. Emphasis will be placed on the German writers in the United States and Brazil. Reading knowledge of German required.

059-121. Contrasts In German and American Cultures. 3 crs. Explores the links between German and American cultures, emphasizing how the German past has shaped American educational, political and artistic institutions. No prerequisites. Open to all students.

059-125. Oral Proficiency 1. 3 crs. Designed to strengthen the student's oral command of the German language. Prereq.: 059-O03.

059-126. Oral Proficiency II. 3 crs. Continuation of 059- Prereq: 059-125

059-127. Written Proficiency 1. 3 crs. Practical exercise in the writing of German expository prose. Prereq: 059

059-128. Written Proficiency 11. 3 crs. Continuation of 059-127. Prereq: 059-127.

059-130. Introduction to Literary Studies. 3 crs. Guides students through the secondary works (literary histories, periodicals and bibliographies), methodological approaches of the basic schools of literary critics and literary genres. For majors and minors. Prereq.: 059-004.

059-131. Survey of German Language. 3 crs. Diachronic and synchronic survey of the German language from Gothic to New High German. Prereq.: 059-127.

059-140. Introduction to German Literature. 3 crs. Designed to acquaint the student with the major authors and literary movements from the 18th century to the present. Prereq.: 059-004.

059-145. German Culture. 3 crs. Survey of German culture from Martin Luther to 1815. Divisional Studies B. Open to all students.

059-146. German Culture. 3 crs. Survey of German culture from 1815 to 19.45. Divisional Studies B. Open to all students.

059-147. Contemporary Germany. 3 crs. Deals with the historical. economic, political, educational and artistic factors which bind as well as divide the former Federal Republic of Germany and the former German Democratic Republic. No prerequisites. Open to all students.

059-151. German Literature of the Enlightenment and Sturm und Drang. 3 crs. Survey of major German writers and thinkers of the 18th century. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-152. German Literature of Classicism and Romanticism. 3 crs. Survey of German literature of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Prereq.. 059-140.

059-153. German Literature From Biedermeier to Realism. 3 crs. Survey of the major writers and literary movements of the period 1820-1890. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-154. German Literature From Naturalism to Expressionism. 3 crs. Survey of the movements of Naturalism, Symbolism and New Romanticism, tracing the development to the emergence of Expressionism and its continuation. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-155. German Literature After 1945. 3 crs. Comprehensive survey of German literature from 1945 to the present. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-160. German Drama. 3 crs. A survey of the theory and practice of works written for the German stage from Lessing to the present. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-161. German Novel. 3 crs. The study of the structure of the novel from the Baroque to the present, as exemplified in representative works. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-162. German Lyric Poetry. 3 crs. Traces the changes Of the poetic idiom of German poetry from Klopstock to the present. The change in the basic assumptions about nature and the role of poetry is discussed as exemplified by representative texts. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-163. The German Novella. 3 crs. The theory and development of this short narrative form from the age of Goethe to the 20th century. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-170. Goethe. 3 crs. Survey of the major works of Goethe. Prereq,: 059-140.

059-171. Schiller. 3 crs.-Survey of the major works of Schiller. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-172. Heinrich Kleist. 3 crs. Survey of the major works Of Kleist. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-173. Heinrich Heine. 3 crs. An examination of Heine' s work as a poet, an essayist, and a polemicist. Prereq.: 05 9

059-174. Fontane. 3 crs. Survey of the major works of Fontane. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-175. Rilke. 3 crs. A general introduction to Rilke s Poetry and prose with special emphasis on his early plays and his development from Buch der Bilder to Die Sonette an Orpheus Prereq.: 059-140.

059-176. Kafka. 3 crs. A survey of the major works of Kafka. Prereq.: 059-14 0

059-177. Brecht. 3 crs. In-depth analysis of the works of this major dramatist and poet of the 20th century. Prereq.: 059-140.

059-178. German Folklore, 3 crs. In-depth analysis of the rich heritage of German folklore. Prereq. 059-140.

059-179. Proseminar: Negritude and Germany. 3 crs. Focuses on the reception of Afro-American, African and Caribbean authors in Germany, as well as the German influence on some of their works. Reading knowledge of German and French required.

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