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062-001. French I. 4 crs. A classroom, laboratory course which provides an introduction to the basic language skills (comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing), with em- on proficiency.

062-002. French II. 4 crs. Continuation of 062-001, with additional drill in the language laboratory and increasing attention in class to the relationship between speaking and writing. Prereq: 062-001 or the equivalent.

062-003. French III. 3 crs. Continued development of audio-lingual and written skills, with reading and oral discussion and continued presentation of grammar and syntax. Prereq: 062-002 or the equivalent.

062-004. French IV. 3 crs. Intensive reading of texts deal- with literature and culture with emphasis on speaking and writing along with vocabulary expansion.

062-014. Introduction to Humanities I. 3 crs. The first part of two-semester core course for freshmen designed to enhance their understanding of great and enduring themes of humanistic inquiry. Students read literary and philosophical works of major historical significance and value from a contemporary viewpoint. Students explore themes such as cultural collision and resolution, concentrating on various aspects of the epic tradition.

062-015. Introduction to Humanities II. 3 crs. The second part of a two-semester core course for freshmen. In this course students study the relationship of the self to the other with all its attendant considerations. and concentrate on generic distinctions between Comedy and tragedy in drama, autobiography, and fiction. Prerequisite: 062-014.

062.040. Intensive Grammar Review. 3 crs. A core course in the major-minor sequence which includes a thorough review of and practice with major elements of French gram- Prereq.: 062-004.

062-050. Oral Expression I. 3 crs. A course designed to develop speaking and listening skills through a variety of instructional strategies. Prereq.: 062-004.

062-051. Oral Expression II. 3 crs. A continuation of 062- or the equivalent.

062-052. Reading and Writing Workshop. 3 crs. Designed to develop the specific skills of reading and writing in French. Prereq.:062-004.

062-055. Advanced Oral Expression. 3 crs. Designed to foster advanced proficiency in sustained speech in French. Prereq.: 062-051.

062-060. Textual Analysis. 3 crs. Transitional course designed to prepare students for the analysis of texts, studies from the literary and linguistic points of view, Develops a keener objective appraisal of the written word and permits a more refined sense of criticism. Prereq.: 062-052.

062-064. French for the News Media. 3 crs. For students interested in working with the news media, includes writing of newspaper articles and preparation and interpretation of sketches for broadcasting programs etc. Prereq.: 062-053 or equivalent.

062-077. Advanced Grammar and Composition. 3 crs. Course in advanced prose writing, stressing control of syntactic structures and stylistic devices. Prereq. 062-040.

062-078. Business French. 3 crs. Prepares students to deal with the business community and business correspondence in Spanish. Prereq,: 062-077.

062-082. Survey of French Literature and Civilization I. 3 crs. A study of French literature of the Middle Ages through the 17th Century. Prereq.: 062-060.

062-083. Survey of French Literature and Civilization It. 3 crs. A continuation of 062-082 covering 18th, 19th and the 20th centuries. Prereq.: 062-060.

062-084. Survey of Afro-French Civilization and Literature. 3 crs. Survey of Afro-French contributions to literature and culture. Prereq.: 062-060.

062-085. Survey of Afro-Caribbean Literature. 3 crs. Survey of Afro-Caribbean literature of French expression. Prereq.: 062-060.

062-093, 094. Directed Readings for Sophomores. 1 cr. ea.

062-095,096. Directed Readings for Juniors. 1 cr. ea.

062-098 099. Senior Department Honors. 3 crs. ea.

N.B. The following 2 courses are part of the Humanities Sequence. They cannot be used to satisfy requirements for French majors and minors:

062-100. Francophone Literature in English. 3 crs. Study Of masterpieces of literature in translation. Genre to be chosen by the instructor.

062-107. Introduction to Women's Studies. 3 crs. An introduction to the role of women in the humanities. Investigates women as authors and subjects in Philosophy. German, Russian. Classics. English and tire Romance Languages. The faculty will come from the individual departments.

The following 100 level courses are offered during alternate years and are open to undergraduate students who have completed 062-082/083 or the equivalent.

062-110. Medieval French Literature. 3 crs. Analysis of representative works of the Middle Ages from La Chanson de Roland to Francois Villon, with the texts examined in a general socio- historical context. Prereq.: 062-080.

062-115. Sixteenth Century: Renaissance. 3 crs. Examination of France's cultural heritage in the 16th century with the evolution of literary forms studied against the backdrop of cultural transformation. Readings from Ronsard, Rabelais, Du Bellay Calvin, and Montaigne.

062-120. Seventeenth Century Literature. 3 crs. Drama and Prose readings from Descartes, Pascal, Bossuet, Mme de Sevigne, Boileau, Mme de Lafayette, La Bruyere, Corneille, Moliere, and Racine. Prereq.: 062-080.

062-125. Eighteenth Century Literature. 3 crs. Survey course covering the philosophical and social ideology of the Age of Enlightenment in France. Prereq.: 062-083.

062-130. Nineteenth Century Literature. 3 crs. Representative selection of writings from the literary movements of the period. Prereq.: 062-083.

062-140. Twentieth Century Literature. 3 crs. A study of major literary currents and writers from 1900 to present. Prereq.: 062-083.

062-150, Fran co-Caribbean Civilization and Literature. 3 crs. Study of socio- political and literary trends in French speaking countries. Prereq: 062-060.

062-160. Francophone Africa: Civilization and Literature. 3 crs. Study of texts reflecting historical, cultural and literary evolution in Francophone Africa. Prereq.: 062-083.

062-171. French Linguistics. 3 crs. Analysis of the phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics of French. Prereq.: 062-056.

062-172 French Phonology. 3 crs. Intensive study of the sounds of the French language through symbols and spellings. Prereq.:062-056.

062-177. Introduction to French-English Translation. 3 crs. Designed to develop beginning skills in translation from French into English. Prereq.: 062-056.

062-178. Advanced French-English Translation. 3 crs. Continuation of 062-177.

062-187. Educational Methods in Foreign Language Teaching. 3 crs. Introduction to methods, materials, and techniques in foreign language instruction.

062-190. Independent Study. 3 crs. Designed to provide for independent study/research under the guidance of a faculty advisor or the equivalent. Prereq.: Permission of Instructor.

062-191. Independent Study. 3 crs. Advanced independent study/research under the guidance of a faculty advisor or the equivalent. Prereq.: Permission of Instructor.

062-194. Francophone Film. 3 crs. Study of France and Francophone countries through film, from cultural, sociological and technical points of view.

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