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International Symposium

The Department of World Languages and Culture celebrates the legacy of Maya Angelou: Literature, Film, Art and Social Sciences as Forms of Liberation

Joëlle Verdol, Writer (Guadalupe/Martinique), Opening Keynote Address
Abdourahman Waberi, Writer (Djibouti/France), Closing Keynote Address
Explosión Negra, Afro-Colombian Artistic Group

September 10, 2014
Blackburn Center

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Past Events

International Creole Day

Hosted by: Professor Williams
(Department of World Languages and Culture)

Lorenzo Morris (Department of Political Science)
Ian Smart (Department of World Languages and Culture)
Marie-Line Sephocle (Department of World Languages and Culture)
Clement Akassi (Department of World Languages and Cultures)

October 28, 2013
Blackburn Center, Digital Auditorium

International Symposium Centenary of Aimé Césaire

Aimé Césaire/La Négritude: Poetics, Africana History/Identities, and Political Thoughts

October 16-17, 2013
Howard University

Featuring: Josy O. (Writer, Haiti): Keynote Speaker

- Interdisciplinary Research Group on African & African Diaspora Studies (Department of World Languages and Cultures)
- Department of African Studies
- Department of English
- Department of History
- Department of Political Sciences
- Department of Theatre Arts (Division of F ine Arts)
- Founders Library
- Bureau du Québec in Washington, DC
- Section of University Cooperation of Embassy of F rance in U.S.A.

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International Symposium Centenary of Aimé Césaire

Aimé Césaire/La Négritude: Poetics, Africana History/Identities, and Political Thoughts

October 16-17, 2013
Howard University

Suggested sub-themes for the International Symposium (not exhaustive, nor limited to):

  • Africa in Césaire
  • Césaire and African and African Diaspora Writers
  • Césaire in African and African Diaspora Plays and Films
  • Playing Césaire on Stage
  • Césaire and the Political Heritage in the Caribbean
  • Césaire and the discourse on the colonialism
  • Césaire’s Black Radical Identity and the Idea of France
  • Césaire, Senghor, and Damas: Approaches to Construct the Fundamental Black Identities
  • Political Thoughts, Black Identities, and Freedom in Césaire
  • Césaire, Frantz Fanon, and the Political Revolution
  • (Pan-) Africa in Césaire, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah and Amilcar Cabral
  • Césaire/La Négritude, Wole Soyinka, and La Tigritude/the Tigertud
  • The Imagen of Black Women in Césaire/La Négritude
  • Haiti in Césaire/La Négritude
  • Césaire and the Haitian Writers
  • Reception of Césaire/La Négritude in Germany
  • Césaire, La Négritude, the Creole, and la Créolité
  • Césaire, La Négritude, and the Negrismo inLatin America
  • The Negritud in Brazil
  • Du Bois, Senghor, Damas, and Césaire
  • Harlem Renaissance and La Négritude
  • Césaire in the Genealogy of the Postcolonial and Africana Theories
  • Postcolonial African Diaspora Movements and their Approaches to the African Identities/Négritude
  • Translating and Reading Césaire and African/Diaspora Works
  • How to Teach Africa and African Diaspora through Césaire
  • The Heritage of Césaire/La Négritude,Today

Send all proposals to:
Dr. Clément Animan Akassi, Host Committee and Program Chair:
and Dr. Derayeh Derakhshesh, Program Co-Chair:

Deadline for proposals: September 30, 2013 (No late submission will be accepted.)

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18th Annual Women Ambassadors Conference

Theme: Foreign Policy in President Obama's Second Term

April 15-16, 2013

Radio Changó Interview with Dr. James Davis

Radio Changó - the online radio of Changó

January 29, 2013
Interview with Dr. James Davis, Chair, Department of World Languages and Cultures.
Co-hosted by Miles Hector, Spanish major,  and Dr. Clément Akassi, Faculty Advisor. The special interview will be entirely in Spanish, will last 15 minutes (3-3:15p.m.), and it will be aired live.

For more information, please contact Dr. Clément Akassi at, or (202) 806 4590.

The 30th Anniversary of the Afro-Hispanic Review

ROUNDTABLE: "Afro-Hispanic Institute and Afro-Hispanic Review: 30 Years of Pioneering Black Studies"
February 9, 2012, 2pm - 5pm, Blackburn Center, Gallery Lounge

KEYNOTE SPEAKER ADDRESS Ian I. Smart (Howard University), Co-Founder of the Afro-Hispanic Institute and the Afro-Hispanic Review "The Prominent Role of Howard University in Pioneering Studies on African Descendants in Latin America"

Shirley Jackson (University of District of Columbia)
Annette Dunzo (Howard University)
James Davis (Howard University)
Ian Smart (Howard University)
Chair Clément Akassi (Howard University)

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New Appointments

Dr. Clément Animan Akassi, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Howard University Graduate Faculty has been appointed Director of the Graduate Studies at the Department of world Languages and Cultures (DWLC), this Fall 2010.

Edvan Brito, Paul Scotto Di Pompeo and Antonio J. Murillo have joined the DWLC this Fall 2010.

Edvan Brito, M.A. and Brazilian-born, is a Full Time Lecturer in Portuguese language.

Paul Scotto di Pompeo, M.A. and French-born “de Paris” is a Full Time Lecturer of French.

Antonio J. Murillo, M.A. and Colombian-born is a Full Time Lecturer in Spanish. He is author of the book I am Afrocolombian (1996) as well as of various articles published in Newspapers.


Two new books have been published by The DWLC’s Faculty:

Bunde y Bullerengue. Literatura oral popular de mi tierra Darién (2010) has been authored by Ms. Algris Xiomara Aldeano, Full Time Lecturer of Spanish

Decoding Carnival. Creole Bacchanal. Pan-African Festival (2010) has been co-edited by Dr. Ian I. Smart, Professor of Spanish.

International Conference

Africa and People of African Descent: Issues and Actions to (Re)-Envision the Future
September 14 - 16, 2011

College of Arts and Sciences Department of World Languages and Cultures